Colorado Roofing Company Falsified Warranties

Central States roofing in Colorado Springs, Colorado has paid $110,000 in a settlement alleging they forged warranties in 2007.

Bill Hauschildt, the roofing company owner admitted to forging the warranties in over a dozen Air Force Academy roofs. He previously stated a manager had forged the warranties and that person had been fired.

The phony documents were discovered when another Air Force contractor contacted the shingles company listed on the warranty and learned they were fake.

Filed in Federal Court Last Year

The complaint was filed in Federal Court on April 18, 2011. The complaint states that instead of paying for the warranties, Central States Roofing provided false warranties to get their final payment from the Air force.

Hauschildt said “we settled everything and everyone is happy now.” He also said he is taking an ethics class to “teach me from not doing that.”

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