The Recession Hits The Roofing Industry

roofingAs the economy continues to waiver, more Americans are facing unemployment and underemployment problems. Despite record number of people seeking employment, certain industries are struggling now more than ever before to find labor. Roof contractors are among several in the construction industry that are reporting under staffing and labor shortages.


Unemployment Hikes and Employee Shortages

It seems counterintuitive to think that there could be a shortage of potential employees in such a down market. However, a recent survey shows that 60 percent of roofers report continual problems finding qualified employees. Why?

One of the biggest challenges this recession faces is its duration. When the recession hit a few years ago more than 2 million roof repair jobs were cut. Since then, many of those employees have been forced into new career paths or risked starting their own business. Now that many of the previously skilled workers are on their own or in another industry, roof contractors can’t find qualified workers to fill the empty spots.

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