Roofing Company Gets Technological Boost

roofingAs companies from all industries strive to stay afloat in a struggling economy, many have turned to technology to increase profitability. Whether profits stream from additional online advertising or from newly created customer service systems, many roofers are jumping at the chance to ride the technological waves of advancement.


A New Era Of Customer Service

One roofing company in the United Kingdom has taken an old practice into new times. Weatherproofing Advisors, Ltd. has created an online customer service portal to help better serve their customers. As one of the UK’s leading roofing companies, Weatherproofing Advisors began to think of new ways to serve more customers while maintaining high customer service ratings.

The new system will allow customers to access all the data regarding their roof. The portal will provide customers access to maintenance data such as survey reports, roof condition index and engineer drawings of the roof.  Each customer has a private and unique portfolio that outlines the details of their roof and their roof repair history.

The idea was to bring roofing into the digital age, save money, make service more efficient, all while maximizing communication and service expectations with the customer. One of the first of its kind, the system is sure to benchmark the changes ahead.

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