Montana Community Denies School Roof Repairs

A recent school levy for Polson High School roof repairs did not pass in the community voting. The 40 year old flat, foam covered roof has been leaking for the past 14 years.

Head custodian Gary Grieff said they spend a lot of time cleaning the roof and work hard to locate and seal the problem spots. He said every year they seal the roof but the birds eat the sealant and create new holes. They have been using fake owls and snakes as deterrents but the birds won’t stay away.

Buckets Of Water

Small cracks have been found in the cement roof and the foam covering is uneven and allowing water to collect and pool. The roof itself is structurally sound, it’s through the small cracks that water is leaking through and finding its way into the hallways and classrooms. The custodians are collecting as much as 4 gallons a day of rain water in buckets throughout the school.

Principle Invites Community

Principle Rob Hankins said “we need community people to come up here and see what’s happening. We’re not making this up.”

Because of the extreme weather, the average lifespan of a roof in Montana is 20-25 years.

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