Metal Roof for Yellowstone Museum

The Yellowstone County Museum just outside of Billings Montana, will be receiving an update of a new metal roof. The museum was originally a cabin built in the late 1870’s by Paul McCormick, a firefighter and entrepreneur.

No one knows how old the shake shingles are that currently cover the cabin, so it will be getting a new red metal roof, hoping to protect the museum’s artifacts it for the next 50 years.

Remnants of an Old Sod Roof

Yellowstone County Museum director Chris Weldon thinks there may be an old sod roof under the shingles. He finds burlap strips between the ceiling logs and piles of dirt on the museum floor.

The museum holds artifacts from the Yellowstone Historical Society, Parmly Billings Library and collections from pioneering families.

Besides the roof remodel, other upgrades include new stain and seal for the log cabin exterior. A wireless security system was installed and cameras in every public room. New steel fire escape doors replaced the wooden doors and new fire and smoke alarms were installed.

In 1893 the cabin was moved to 31st street in Billings as part of the McCormick family home as a place for social gatherings in the back yard. In 1954 the cabin was moved to its current location and opened as a museum in 1956.

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