Hotel Roof Gets A Sweet Deal

rooftop beekeeperOne hotel in Washington, D.C. has sparked, what they hope will be, a new way to boost local economies. Two chefs that operate the hotel’s restaurant have decided to take the local food movement into new territory, the roof.

The hotel roof is now home to three beehives that are busy producing honey, which is being harvested for use in the hotel’s restaurant and being sold at the local farmers market.

Operating a honey-producing beehive on the rooftop of a 10 story hotel is a radical idea, but one that is proving to be of great use.

One Idea, Many Benefits

The local food industry is getting a sweet taste of success and so are the hotel guests. Not only is the fresh honey spreading throughout the menus of Washington, D.C., but the bees are experiencing new heights. In such an urban area, having an undisturbed space for maintaining a hive is a rare treat for these insects. ┬áThe sparse urban plant life also benefits from the bee’s activity as they help spread pollen, a necessary component to a flower’s health.

Not only are the local people and bees happier, but so is the hotel’s owners. Beehives are one of the lowest maintenance food producers and are proving to be both profitable and environmentally friendly. Even better is the protection the roof is getting from traditional pests, which are not likely to take up residence near a beehive. As far as the need for roof repair due to damage to the roof materials, the hotel’s owner has yet to see any evidence of the bee’s presence producing negative effects.

Rooftop beekeeping isn’t a new idea, but how the mutually beneficial relationship is being nurtured is one that is sure to spread sweetness around local markets.




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