Specialized Shingle For Flat Roof Systems

flat roof shinglesRoofs face many challenges to maintain integrity and proper functioning, some more than others. Flat roofs have always had a tough go at repelling water and preventing subsequent damage.

As one of the main roof systems in certain countries like Nigeria, building owners with a flat roof have had to fight an uphill battle for centuries. However, a new roof material manufacturer has teamed up with natives to design a new roof material that can change the Nigerian roof market.

Flexible Finds

Messrs IKO is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of asphalt and bituminous roof products. Focusing on waterproofing and water prevention systems, IKO went into collaboration with its Nigerian counterpart, Messrs Seven Stars Manufacturing, to develop a new product.

The new roof product, Amourshield, is a multicolored shingle that brings far more advantages than the average roof shingle used on Nigerian homes. Its ability to offer water resistance, along with flexibility in shape and design bring a unique feature for users and easy installation for roofers. The shingle offers an infinite combination of colors and design features that can fit any roof. Amourshield shingles are specifically designed to fit rooflines of any shape or size, even those with a shallow slope such as a flat roof. Even better is that these new shingles are ecologically friendly without any harmful chemical or additives.

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