Scouts Looking To Help With New Roof

scout groupScout groups are known for their charity and fundraising efforts, which often bring us delicious snacks in the form of popcorn or Girl Scout Cookies. The boy and girl versions of these scout groups work hard to learn new skills and help others, which is no doubt part of their mission statement. A scout group in the U.K. is looking to branch out into a new area of charity, helping fund a new roof for buildings in need.


Doing The Most good

The 1st Apsley Scout Group is a British scouting group that has been dedicated to raising money for the less fortunate since the group’s formation many years ago. As part of the century old tradition, this scout group aims to continue the tradition of fundraising and donating by extending their services for the purpose of roof repair.

One local division of the scout group is attempting to raise £39,000 to repair the old roof on Durant’s Hill Road hut, in Apsley. The building’s roof is over 40 years old and is damaged and made of hazardous materials, such as asbestos. Being a donated meeting place for the local scout group, the roof repair is vital to the group’s survival in its efforts towards helping the community.  The scout group will be fundraising for the next six months in hopes of raising enough funds to pay for the replacement of the building’s roof.



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