New Roof For Salt Dome In Ohio

salt dome roofPlans for roof replacement are underway for the salt barn located in Brunswick City, Ohio. The 30 year old roof has suffered from numerous instances of roof damage over the last few years and is in need of repair.  Having been patched numerous times, city officials have declared the roof to be substandard and are concerned about how the roof damage to the barn’s salt stores will affect the local community.

Damaged Goods

Multiple holes in the roof have caused major water leaks, which affects the salt stored in the barn. When it rains salt escapes the building and flows into the parking lot and, eventually, becomes runoff into local waterways. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is concerned about the increased salt deposits in the local water supplies.

The salt barn stores much of the county’s supply of salt that is used during winter months to de-ice the local roads. The increased moisture has caused the salt to clump together and harden, making it difficult for the city’s snow plows to load and disperse in the winter months. With another winter approaching, local officials are concerned about the availability of the essential salt supply.

Cutting Costs

Despite pressure from the potential negative outcomes, the project managing team is considering different ways to avoid the high costs of roof replacement. The roof repair is estimated at around $60,000, money local officials say isn’t in the budget. One alternative solution that is being considered is to cover the roof with a fabric material to reduce leakage and hopefully extending the life of the current roof by 25 years. A similar method was used earlier this year on the city’s police station building and was said to have saved the city significant amount of money.




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