N.H. Town Seeks $250,000 to Replace Roofs

The Board of Selectmen in Exeter, New Hampshire are trying to figure out how they are going to replace 3 of the town’s roofs. Needing replaced are the slate roof at the Exeter Historical Society, the Water Treatment Plant and the barn roof at the Raynes Farm.

120 Year Old Slate Roof

One of the debates is over the cost of the new roof for the Exeter Historical Society. The original slate roof is over 120 years old. Patches and repairs have been made to the roof but moisture is still seeping through and the potential for extensive damage to the historical records housed inside.

To replace the slate roof and the copper flashings and gutter is an estimated $117,900. “I think that asking people in this economy to spend $118,000 for something that last 100 years verses whatever the cost might be for something that lasts 20 to 30 years is a big stretch,” said Selectman Frank Ferraro.

Architectural Shingles

He believes architectural shingles and gutters that have the appearance of copper would be a good alternative. And that if the historical society felt strongly about the slate roof, they could pick up the difference in the cost.

Others on the board disagree with Ferraro stating that the slate roof is a significant feature of the building and want to protect the historical value of the district.

$136,150 To Replace Other 2 Roofs

The cost to replace the roof at the Water Treatment Plant is $106,150 and to replace the barn roof at the Raynes Farm is $30,000.

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