Historic Museum Needs Help Repairing Roof

Hansford muesumThe Hanford Carnegie Museum in Hanford, California is speaking out to the community about their need for a new roof. The 106 year old building is in desperate condition in need of several renovations, including roof repair. Museum officials have launched a community initiative in hopes of sparking interest among local residents and promoting an event to raise funding for the repairs.


A Century Old Roof

The Hanford Carnegie Museum was built in 1905 through funds donated by a local philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie. Once serving as the local library until 1968, the building’s original roof was expected to last only 40 years. Concerned citizens have formed groups over the years  in efforts to raise  money to save and restore the old building. Now that the roof expiration is more than doubled its expected lifespan,  Museum staff are hoping for another successful fund raising endeavor to save the town’s iconic building. With a price tag of nearly $100,000 for roof repair, it is going to take a dedicated team of staff and citizens to raise the money needed to preserve this local piece of history.

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