20,000 Shingles for Roofless Church

The 50 foot upside down wooden rosebud that covers the alter at a church in New Harmony, Indiana is getting the roof replaced. 20,000 shingles have to be individually cut to reroof the open air roofless church.

The distinctive structure was completed and dedicated in 1960 by 20th Century architect Philip Johnson. He believed that only one roof, the sky, could embrace all worshipping humanity.

Protecting a Statue at Center of Alter

The domes structure covers a sculpture designed by Lithuanian-French sculptor Jacques Lipchitz “The Descent of the Holy Spirit”.

The father and son company, Koester Construction, has been working on the roof since August. Speaking of the 50 year old roof shingles, Chris Koester said “The main thing is figuring out how they did it, the old ones are so deteriorated that we couldn’t tell how it was done.”

Hopes to be Complete for Christmas Ceremonies

Working from the original blueprints they can figure out where to put the fluted, curved and angled shingles, they hope to have the new roof completed by December.

The New Harmony church is in the center of this 1,000 resident town. The unique church receives many visitors and is a popular location for weddings and other religious events.

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