Historic Barn Roof Gets New Paint

The roof of an old dairy barn in Fairbanks Alaska is getting a new coat of paint spelling out the words “Creamers Dairy”. It took Ryan Masson three days to repaint the 7 foot tall letters on the metal roof. The word “CREAMERS” is 67 feet long and “DAIRY” is 35 feet long. Masson who works for Dynamic Painting said “they’re a lot bigger than they look.”

Dairy Farm

In 1927, chicken rancher Robert Albert Creamer moved to Fairbanks and established Creamer’s Dairy. From photo evidence, the large black words were most likely painted on the new roof of the creamery when it was built sometime between 1940-42. The dairy operated until just after the 1967 flood. After his death the area became a state sanctuary.

The 250 acre farm was purchased by the state in 1966 and is now a 2,000 acre waterfowl rescue, Creamers Field Migratory Wildlife Refuge. The barn, farmhouse and surrounding 12 acres were listed in National Register of Historic Places in 1977.

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