USPS Delivers Huge Energy Savings

The largest of its kind, a 2.5 acre green roof sits on top of the Morgan Mail processing facility in Manhattan. The year old green roof is expected to last 50
years, twice as long as the previous roof. Cutting energy consumption by 40% and saving more than $1 million. The green roof is also reducing storm water runoff in summer by 75% and in winter by 40%.

Combined with other green building practices, such as implementing solar rooftop panels in some facilities, replacing 16,000 windows and an entire fleet
of alternative fuel vehicles, the postal service has cut energy intensity by 21% since 2003. The USPS is already 2/3 of the way towards its 2015 goal of decreasing energy use by 30%.

Some other measures the postal service has taken is implementing an energy management system and a team of postal experts that conduct facility audits and provide energy solutions and cost effective alternatives for each facility.

The United States Postal Service is leading the way in green energy, winning more than 75 environmental awards from The White House and the Environmental Protection Agency as well as being certified by LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

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