Solar Roofs Receive Aesthetic Update

The green roof industry has come a long way in the last few years. As the push for renewable resources spreads to industries like roofing and construction, there has been a vast improvement in the way we implement the technology of green living. For years, solar roof panels have been popping up among residences and commercial buildings, but until recently the current products available were a sight to sore eyes.

Renewed Roof Products

What if you could have all the benefits of a solar roof panel without all the ugly materials attached to your roof? Now you can!

An innovative solar roof product has recently been released that could revolutionize the solar power industry. An Italian company, Tegalasolare, has created a roof tile with solar cells built into them. Instead of attaching a bulky solar panel system to your existing roof materials, now you can purchase a roof tile with the solar cells already integrated into the material. Not only do these tiles collect energy from the sun to be converted into electricity for your home, but the tiles also have a nanotechnology composition that allows them to further reduce the need for heating or cooling inside the home.

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