Solar Roof Perks

solar roofYou may have seen a commercial building, or even a progressive residential home, with solar panels and wondered what all the fuss is about. While solar roofs are just now gaining momentum in popularity, the benefits are bound to last a lifetime.

Lasting Effects

The most obvious benefit of having a solar roof is the environmental impact. By absorbing the sun’s rays, these roof systems generate power that can be used to service the home or building. The average home can generate enough power to sustain its electrical usage for 24 hours, thereby reducing the consumption of traditional energy. Reducing the consumption of traditional electricity saves the homeowner money, ┬ábut also decreases carbon emissions produced by a long-term reduction in the need for manufacturing of electricity.

Solar roofs may be more costly than traditional roof repair costs for materials, but they are also longer lasting. Many of these systems come with warranties well above the average 20 year found for other roof materials. Further, there are government rebate programs and tax deductions available for the installation of a solar roof system.

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