New Law Calls For Solar Roof Installations

solar roofMany large commercial buildings around the country are installing solar roof panels to reduce the reliance on traditional energy sources. While national efforts are beginning to pick up speed, many other countries are taking the green roofing industry by storm. A new law proposed in the Philippines is calling for a massive installation of solar panels across the city.

Unified Efforts

If a single residence home can generate enough electricity to power itself for 24 hours, imagine what an entire city’s worth of solar power could generate. A progressive lawmaker in Davao City, Philippines is working on a new bill that would change the country’s energy sector.

Senator, Teddy Casino and a group of solar technology developers, the Philippine Solar Power Alliance (PSPA) are working on a plan to install solar panels on the rooftops of houses, buildings and commercial establishments. Deemed the One Million Solar Roofs Act of 2011, the House Bill was designed to “promote the utilization of renewable energy resources to reduce dependence on imported energy from fossil fuels.”

If approved, the PSPA would being installing new roof solar panels among 10 percent of residential units per year. Over time, the project would be able to “promote energy stability and independence from imported energy sources, mitigate global warming and air pollution and encourage industry growth that will lead to more jobs and lower electricity bills.”


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