Nashville Convention Centers New Green Roof

For the next 6 weeks workers will be covering about 4 acres of rooftop on the Nashville Music City Center with a water proof layer, soil with water wicking materials and sedums. Plants that are already growing on coconut fiber mats will be rolled out after the soil is blown onto the roof.

The convention center could get added insulation from the green roof, but the main goal of the new roof is to prevent the urban water runoff that overloads the city’s sewer system.

Overburdened Sewage Systems

Nashville like many other cities have outdated sewer systems that weren’t designed to accommodate large amounts of storm water and rain runoff from buildings. The runoff overflows the system and raw sewage washes into the creeks and rivers.

Excess water from the roof will flow down to drains in low spots of the roof and then routed to a container that will be used for flushing toilets and irrigation for the convention center in dry months.

Clay Holds the Rain Water

The soil is 80 percent marble sized baked clay and 20 percent compost. The clay chunks absorb water and release moisture as needed. The roof will be covered in sedums with small colorful flowers.

Landscape Support Services of Murfreesboro is putting in the green roofing system and will also be maintaining the roof afterwards.

You can follow along with the construction and get updates at

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