Indiana Middle School to Get Solar Roof

An Indiana school board agreed on a $1.35 million bid for a solar roofing project for a Southwest Allen County district middle school. The new roof is expected to help reduce the districts utility costs. because of the roofs energy savings benefits, the federal government could contribute $600,000 to the cost pending approval of Performance Services paperwork.

The job will be completed by Performance Services, an engineering and construction company out of Indianapolis Indiana. Specializing in sustainable projects, Performance Services has estimated the district will begin saving $37,000 the first year the project is completed. The entire project is expected to pay for itself in approximately 8 years.

The cost includes the boilers and ventilators as well as a roof with solar panels that will generate electricity for the school. Performance Services have
included a dashboard that will reveal the exact energy savings, providing a valuable learning tool for the students and faculty.

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