Green Roofing For Homeowners

green homeThe construction and roofing industries are working hard to take part in the growing use of eco-friendly products, and many homeowners are also becoming more aware of their role. For many, this comes as a huge undertaking, as learning about the different product possibilities can often seem overwhelming. Luckily, there are a few green roof products available to help homeowners make their stamp towards their efforts of helping protect the environment.

Green Roofing Products

The term green roof is often associated with the idea of a rooftop garden or vegetative plant-based roof covering. While these are two easy ways to make your roof more environmentally friendly, the look and upkeep isn’t always conducive to all families. Other green roof products include:

Photovoltaic roof systems — also known as solar roof panels, these roof panels absorb energy from the sun; which is then turned into electricity that can be used to power the home. Helping to reduce the need for traditional energy consumption, these roof systems save the homeowner money and help reduce the amount of carbon emissions needed to generate electrical power.

White roof systems — ¬†also known as cool roofs, the existing roof materials are coated by a protective white coating. By reflecting the suns heat rays, a white roof system reduces the energy consumption of a home by 30% or more.

Alternative tile roof systems — come in two main eco-friendly forms; metal roofs or tile roofs. Metal roofs are made mostly from recycled metal materials. With the ability reflect 35% of the sun’s heat rays, a metal roof is also more durable and longer lasting in most climates. A tile roof can be made from slate, stone or clay; all earth-bound materials. The eco-friendly materials these are made from are also more resistant to fire, pets and severe weather.



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