Green Roof Maintenance

There is no such thing as a no maintenance roof and that includes a green roof. Even roofs designed to be low maintenance will require 1 or 2 visits a year to remove dead plants and clear gutters and drains.

While some roofing contractors that install green roofs will offer maintenance for a specified period of time, it will be up to you to maintain your green roof. By making a maintenance plan in advance you can keep your green roof alive and thriving. The plan should include a site map, planting schedule, irrigation controls and inspection of plants and run off systems.

Once you are past the initial installation phase and the new plants are established you will need to check the roof at least once a month. Keep a record of soil tests, plants that are thriving and plants not doing so well, weeding schedule and any drainage concerns.


Some roofs require once a year fertilizing, although it is not preferable to use fertilizers on the roof as run off will affect the local water quality. If rainwater is harvested for your roof, fertilizing will not be needed.

If the vegetation or maintenance brings you to the edge of the roof fall protection systems must be in place.

Before building a green roof, you will need to know the slope, load capacity, roof materials, drainage, waterproofing and water and electrical sources. You can contact a roofing consultant who will evaluate your current roof and help you design a suitable green roof system. Green roofs must also be designed to comply with local regulations.

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