Green Roof Gardens

roof gardenAlthough popular around the globe for hundreds of years, the United States is just catching wind of the benefits behind a green roof system. Not typically a part of a homeowner’s plan for a new roof, green roof gardens have become more popular in some regions.

Urban Delight

One of the most popular areas in America for green roofs are the rooftops of urban buildings. Traditionally packed with concrete and loud appliances, many residential and commercial roofs are now being topped by lush gardens. Offering the local community a place to enjoy a green space, get involved in a small agricultural project and even develop crops for selling at the local farmers market, rooftop gardens are becoming a place for locals to meet.

What makes a good green roof garden? There are a wide variety of plants that can be used for rooftop gardens. Depending on the light conditions of the building, rooftop gardens can be planted with grass, flowers and even produce. The key is finding the best plant for the conditions of the building and level of attention required.

Grass is fairly low maintenance and can be great for enjoying quiet times in lawn chairs or playing with children. Flowers bring an aesthetic appeal, but often require more work for the garden attendants. Produce is an excellent crop for those looking to grow fresh fruits or vegetables. However, they often require dutiful maintenance to keep insects away and can be picky about light or soil conditions.

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