Green Roof for Colorado Hospital

Boulder Community Hospital Foothills campus will be getting a new green roof over the cardiology building in East Boulder. The maternity ward will have full view of the native grasses set to open in December 2012.

The architect who came up with the idea, Nick Rehnberg said the new moms will have movie screen views of the Flatirons rock formation instead of gazing out onto an industrial looking roof.

The Green Roof Will Pay for Itself

The new Anderson Medical Center Cardiology building will have a 46,000 square foot roof. It is estimated to cost more than a traditional industrial roof but is expected to save $750,000 per year in cooling costs. The roof will pay for itself in approximately 7 years.

Ron Secrist, president of the Boulder Community Hospital Foundation is hoping for donations of 9 to 30 KW worth of solar panels for the new roof. In 2007 approximately $700,000 worth of panels were installed to generate about 90,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. After 10 years Namaste solar will give the panels to the hospital, in the meantime the hospital pays a set rate.

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