Green Roof Benefits

green roofLike all environmentally friendly products green roofs offer an extensive variety of benefits to the earth, as well as its inhabitants. Green roofs have been around for centuries, but are just now gaining popularity in America’s urban areas.

Making A Difference

Why would anyone want a roof covered in vegetation and plants? For one, green roofs are great for rain water management. Acting like sponges, the plants covering the roof absorb the rainwater and filter it, releasing a cleaner water waste product. The filtered runoff contains less toxins and chemicals than traditional rainwater runoff, which also ease the polluting of other nearby vegetation.

The vegetation also lowers the amount of CO2 and pollutants directly from the air, leaving the air cleaner and less toxic to breath. When these traditional toxins are removed from the air, the ambient temperatures are lowered and have a cooling effect. Green roofs can lower the temperature of the building itself by absorbing and distributing heat, preventing it from being absorbed into the building. Lower building temperatures means a reduced need for electrical cooling systems, another environmentally friendly outcome.

Urban areas stand to gain the most from green roofs, as they provide a much needed green space in a cement covered city. Rooftop gardens are common among green roof systems, giving residents a place to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Equally important is the reduced noise pollution in areas surrounded by vegetation and reduced need for maintenance. Green roofs are one of the best roof systems in terms of the fact they rarely need roof repair, which then reduces the costs associated with maintenance.

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