Global Green Roof Efforts

The population growth has once again began to accelerate and, with it, comes additional challenges for the environment. More people means more crowding and, as a result, more demand for clean air. With the population of urban areas expected to double by 2030, the UN has proposed an approach to build healthier cities.

Planning For The Future

The need for cleaner urban environments to sustain living organisms is going to come to a head very soon. Known for toxic smog and lack of green space, urban areas are one of the unhealthiest environments on earth. With the expected leap in population growth predicted to occur over the next 15 to 20 years, measures are being taken to reduce pollution and improve air quality among some of the largest cities, worldwide.

One of the simplest solutions is the addition of more parks, sustaining more trees and plant life. New roof gardens are also in the words, which would boast gardens, plants and grasses along the rooftops. Green roof solutions are well known for their ability to filter pollution and soak up heat-trapping carbon dioxide, releasing clean oxygen back into the environment. Further, installing green roof systems along rooftops in urban areas can help create a cooling effect, reducing the need use of heating and cooling systems inside buildings.

The improvement in urban areas boasting green roof systems has been proven over time, as they have been a part of rural living for hundreds of years. If even a fraction of the earth’s major cities installed a handful of these systems, the effects for the living organisms that inhabit these areas can be monumental.




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