GE Eco Imagination Contest

GE is sponsoring a $200 million innovation experiment encouraging participants to submit their best ideas on how to build the next generation power grid. The most promising ideas will be backed by a team of venture capital firms.

There are 3 categories to submit your ideas to or to vote on your favorite:

1. Create – Renewable energy. Integrating and managing renewable energy sources for our growing demands of a reliable supply of affordable energy.

2. Connect – Grid efficiency. Different grid technologies that help lower delivery losses and those that anticipate and monitor demand.

3. Use – Eco homes/Eco buildings. Energy consumption is growing so quickly that it is creating an imbalance between supply and demand.

Global energy consumption forecast to be tripled by 2050. GE is looking for technologies that help power companies and their customers share information and manage their energy use better. Changing how and when we use energy. What technologies, processes or business models can help consumers use energy more
wisely and improve our energy balance.

With anticipated higher energy costs and shorter supply, even if you don’t enter this contest, it is still an excellent idea to invest your time and resources into finding creative ways to save on energy and make your home or business more eco friendly.

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