Catholic University Installs Green Roof

The Catholic University of America in District of Columbia is installing a green roof on top of Aquinas Hall. Approximately 1/3 of the roof will be filled with living plants and the other 2/3 has existing solar panels that supply electricity to the building.

Richard Weil senior project manager said “the new insulation board was completely installed and trimmed at the two roof drains, so remaining work includes the roof membrane, parapet wall coping, railing post sealing and green module installation”.

Green Roof Cooler than Asphalt Roof

There will be 4-6 inches of soil that will supply added insulation for the building. There will be a variety of sustainable grasses and plants to absorb the sun keeping the building cooler.

When the roof is finished, little to no maintenance will be required. The plants and grasses will be able to live on their own. Brian Alexander, director of energy and utilities management said “Moving parts break, with a green roof all you have to do is sit back and it makes power.”

The new roof is part of the University’s promise to become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Besides having 2,600 solar panels making the university the biggest solar installation in District of Columbia, they also have a lawn over the law school parking garage and a garden on top of Father O’Connell Hall.

Many of the buildings and carports have solar panels to supply their energy. The students designed a solar powered picnic table that produces enough energy to power electronic devices.

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