World’s Largest Rooftop Garden

Manhattan based Brighten Farms plans to turn a Brooklyn warehouse into the world’s largest rooftop garden. The hydroponic farm will be on top of the former US Navy warehouse In Sunset Park. The soil-less farm will be 8 stories high and overlook the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

The 100.000 square foot garden is expecting an annual yield of 1 million pounds of hydroponically grown produce. The green roof will also help reduce rain water runoff overloading the city’s sewer and water systems.

Burroughs President Marty Markowitz said “Here in New York, we don’t have acres and acres of unused land to grow fresh food, but Brooklyn’s got plenty of industrial buildings with unused roofs that are perfect for urban farming.“ Markowitz also headed the revisions to the city’s zoning laws to maximize rooftop space for farming.

Fresh Produce to Local Grocers

Brighten Farms design, finance, build and operate the roof top greenhouses. They are hoping any roof repair and renovations will be complete in early 2013. This will be 1 of 6 commercial roof top farms in the city supplying fresh organic produce to local residents and businesses.

The second largest rooftop farm is in New York City on top of a 6 story Brooklyn Grange warehouse. The 40,000 square foot garden is on its second growing season.

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