Houses Built on Mall Roof

Jiutian International Square, a 5 story mall in Zhuzhou in the Hunan province of China has built 4 villas with yards on the roof. Each building situated at the 4 corners of the new roof has nearly 500 square meters, with bedrooms, kitchens and balconies.

Zhuzhou Jiutian Real Estate constructed the 4 two-story cottages while building the new mall. The buildings have electricity and plumbing but instead of being residential homes, the 4 houses will be used as offices for the mall developers 160 real estate management employees.

New Green Law in Beijing

The developer used modern designs and landscape decorations to make the buildings look like villas. Last year Beijing passed a law requiring buildings to have green roof tops on buildings constructed within the last 20 years, shorter than 45 meters and with fewer than 12 floors

Zhuzhou is the second largest city in Hunan Province with a population of nearly 4 million people. Space is severely limited and these rooftop villas may be a solution for the future.

Concerns were raised about the safety of the villas, but city planners said the structures were built legally and with the required documentation proving that companies rather than individuals own the villas.

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