Debate over Historic Roof Removal

In Hays Kansas, Dave Gray, the owner of the property next to Singers Music Venue has asked permission to remove the historic roof. The State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) was asked to approve the removal of the downtown buildings roof to make an outdoor smoking area. Built in 1946, the building is part of the Chestnut Street District and is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

While waiting for the SHPO recommendation, Gray hired a roof contractor to remove the old shabby roof. Allegedly while removing the top, the roof trusses fell and the roof had to be completely taken down.

Alter the Historic Character

In the meantime, SHPO denied the request stating removing the roof would alter the historic character of the building. Grays next step was to appeal to the Hays City Commissioners since they have the power to override SHPO’s decision.

City Attorney John Bird said he was disturbed that the city was faced with this situation and that the building owners did not apply for a building permit prior to starting the roof repair. While some commissioners were in favor of approving the roof removal so the building owners could go on with the improvements. The commissioners voted to table the issue until Gray can make additional attempts to work with the SHPO.

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