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"Due to the relative age of the state of New York, there exists a wide variety of roof styles..."

Due to the relative age of the state of New York, there exists a wide variety of roof styles, many of which are either uncommon or non-existent in other areas of the country. That diversity in styles would include:

  • Gable Roofs: These roofs are characterized by two equally angled surfaces that meet at a central ridge point. Gable roofs are famous for their excellent ability to shed large volumes of water that may be encountered during a rain-storm. This is a common type of roof used in traditional residential and commercial construction. The gable type roof can be further broken down into side, cross, and front gable designs.
  • Shed Roofs:A simple roof construction characterized by a single, sloping surface, that forms the entire roof. Although now primarily used in the construction of sheds and storage buildings, it is still possible to see older homes in New York with this type of roof construction.
  • Gambrel Roofs: This type of roof utilizes two small-angle surfaces connected to a pair of high-angle surfaces on each side of a central ridge. The Gambrel roof is also known as the “Dutch” roof. The word Gambrel originated as a Norman English word which meant “crooked or hooked stick”.
  • Hipped Roofs: These roofs have surfaces that angle inwards towards a central point on the roof. These roofs have the appearance of a pyramid. A hipped roof is considered an ideal roof for residents of coastal communities due to its excellent ability to hold up against strong winds.
  • Mansard Roof: These roofs have sharply-angled lower slopes that join a top roof surface that is basically flat. The Mansard roof is often referred to as a “French” roof and was originated in France sometime during the period between 1600 and 1650.
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