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Roofing in Delaware

"You can tell a lot about your home by the way the snow melts, or doesn’t melt, from your roof. "

Homes around the country face unique challenges to the integrity of their roof, and a home in Delaware is no exception. The main issue surrounding proper roof maintenance in Delaware is the seasonal and temperatures.

Delaware is a region that gets a lot of snow and ice over the winter months. Snow and ice buildup pose two problems for homeowners. The first is the level of energy efficiency of the home. The second is the maintainability of the roof under extreme cold weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency

You can tell a lot about your home by the way the snow melts, or doesn’t melt, from your roof. An ideal situation would be that the snow lands on your roof and melts from that location due to warming temperatures or the sun. The worst scenario, there is uneven melting along the roofline where only certain parts of the roof show signs of melting, or snow buildup along the eaves of your home. In the latter case, you may have a deeper problem that extends beyond the roof itself.

Cold Temperatures

The winter months can be brutal to the integrity of a home’s roof. If the roof already had damage, even damage not visible to the naked eye, the snow and ice can quickly worsen the problem. One of the most resilient roof materials for regions with a lot of snow and ice is concrete or metal. Concrete can withstand the damaging effects of the cold and moisture. However, concrete roof materials can be heavy, which can present more problems with additional weight of the snow. Metal roofs have become increasingly popular in regions such as Delaware, as they are light weight and are easy to maintain in winter months. Asphalt shingles tend to be the most popular roof material around the United States, but are not very durable in colder climates.

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